In the 1st half of the DSS-IWM project, operational, online DSS versions with prototype data have been finalized for wheat and maize in Germany, Spain and Denmark. These DSS named IPMwise, include 2 levels of 'target efficacy' (DSS1 and DSS2) and full assortments of herbicide products and as many weed species as possible, according to available datasets on efficacy of mainly herbicides. From a study on data gaps it was concluded that sufficient datasets have been supported for professional use in the 3 countries. IPMwise also integrate default adjustments of dose-response calculations of single herbicides for classes of weed size, temperatures and water stress. On top of this, options for 2-4 way tank-mixtures have been included, as such are needed in complex weed infestations.

Field validation trials have been initiated to validate recommendation from the DSS in both crops in the 3 countries. Initial results can be seen below. The figures from Germany show treatment efficacies on the total weed infestations in maize and winter wheat at different locations. A number of treatments according to DSS show efficacies close to the local standard treatment but treatment frequency indexes could clearly be reduced. The Spanish figure demonstrates that target efficacies of IPMwise match the real treatment efficacies in the field very well. The results in both countries are satisfactory.
After 2 years of validation, it is expected that a prototype version can be identified, which demonstrates suitable levels of weedcontrol and also potentials for reducing the input of herbicides.


Maize validation trials Germany 2017


Winter wheat validatoin trials in Germany 2017


Efficacies of herbicide doses on different weeds